Medicate with Commodities

Serenitty is a high-end jewelry line tailored for Rock Stars.  Whether you're in Entertainment or not, Serenitty jewelry will provide a talking piece for your next gig or party.  In these Economic times, our theory is buy metal... silver, gold, platinum... whatever you can afford.  Commodities are a great investment.  We hope you find a unique piece that satisfies your addiction to shopping!! 
  • In a controlled study, Serenitty has been shown to have various side effects, including the feeling of being ahead of the curve and a maxed-out credit card.
  • Serenitty may cause dizziness when you see the price tag, and a temporary feeling of euphoria immediately following purchase.
  • Serenitty may cause you to reveal aspects of your personality you’d rather keep hidden.
  • You shouldn’t operate heavy machinery while wearing Serenitty, and if you can find a guy with heavy machinery, consider yourself lucky.
  • You shouldn’t use alcohol while wearing Serenitty, as it may cause you to leave Serenitty on the nightstand of someone you never want to see again.
  • Wearing Serenitty to a nightclub is often followed by morning-after drowsiness.
  • Lastly, you cannot find a cheaper version of Serenitty in Canada or Mexico.

Enjoy Responsibly!